Red Bull: Get Wings

Audio Mix, Audio Recording, Sound Design

Sven Prince (Faithful to the Subject) directed a documentary for Red Bull about the scientific part of time trials in cycling, aerodynamics. Wilco Kelderman, a professional cyclist, searches for perfection in time trials. By using the art of aerodynamics, Wilco tries to find the perfect aerodynamic pose on his bike to beat his enemies. Check out the docu to see how dedicated Wilco is to reach perfection.

Publishing date: 14h of July, 2016
Client: Red Bull
Production: Faithful to the Subject
Director: Sven Prince
DOP: Nanko Goeting
Editor: Tim Roza
Colour Grading: Qianwei Tong
Sound Design & Audio Mix: Ting Fung Cheung

For this documentary I travelled as boom operator with Sven Prince and Nanko Goeting to Eindhoven and Liège to interview Bert Blocken. Bert is a professor at TU Eindhoven and University of Liège.

I have recorded the voice over of the narrator, designed the sound and finalised the audio for the documentary. It was an interesting project to work on, because it taught me a lot about scientific facts in aerodynamics and cycling.

Written by De Rode Stier:
Team Lotto-Jumbo bereidt zich voor op tijdritten met een geheime test waarin ze zoeken naar de perfectie van de aerodynamische houding tijdens de tijdrit. Zie in deze korte film hoe Wilco Kelderman deze perfectie probeert te bereiken.