Music Production, Sound Design

Another invention of Daan Roosegaarde, Waterlicht, is an artwork with lights that shows the power of water and the need of dikes in The Netherlands. I composed the music for the video (directed by Felix Kops), Henk-Jelle de Groot designed the sound. Published on Dutch television-show, De Wereld Draait Door.

This new piece of art is a virtual light show. It shows the sea level in the Netherlands and what the consequences are of the absence of dikes. The beautiful blue lasers are a “virtual overflow”.

Publishing date: 12th of May, 2015
Place: Rotterdam
Client: Daan Roosegaarde (Studio Roosegaarde)
Director: Felix Kops (Studio Bilder)
Collaboration: Henk-Jelle de Groot (Any Colour You Like)