Audio Mix, Music Production, Sound Design

Stroom keeps companies aware that their online profile is very important to approach young people, the screenagers. This documentary shows a few examples of people of this generation, how they use social media in their daily life.

Publishing date: 30th of September, 2015
Client: Stroom
Director: Dirk Zekveld (Studio Bilder)
Collaboration: Dennis van Rijswijk (intern @ Any Colour You Like)

What are screenagers?
Screenagers are young people who are born after 1995 and have never lived in a world without internet. This mini documentary shows what the influence internet and social media have on this new generation. To bring the vibe of the new generation in this documentary, I was asked to make several kinds of instrumental soundtracks. In one day, Dennis van Rijswijk and I created 7 soundtracks for this video. It was an intense day, but a very challenging one. After the music part was done, we added them to the video and mixed the overall sound of the video. We are proud that we could work on this mini documentary!